WHO:  A dance crew consisting of 8 very talented women with 8 different styles of dance.
WHY THE NAME:  Quite simply because when they dance they “FREAK” the “BEAT”

click on each thumbnail to enlarge

Alison “Al*Star”

WHERE? Born and raised in South Florida.

SPECIAL POWER: Versatility.  She can do all styles.

Teresa Espinosa

Where?  Born and raised in Dallas, Texas

Special Power: Freestyle.  She is a fearless force on the dance floor.


Where?  Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas

Special Power:  Unpredictable.  She always keeps it funky and you never know what your going to get.

Lady Jules

Where?  Born in St. Paul, Minnesota and raised in Boulder, Colorado

Special Power:  B-Girl.  Get her in any circle and you will see why she redefines the term: “B-Boy”.

Keeley “LockN’ Key”

Where?  Born and raised in Dallas, Texas

Special Power:  Locking.  She takes this OG style to new frontiers. 


Where?  Born and raised in Okinawa, Japan

Special Power:  Passion.   Inspired by Michael Jackson, she has traveled the world for one goal: to meet and dance with the best, period.

Maryss from Paris

Where?  Her name says it all…France represent.

Special Power:  Attitude.  Don’t let her looks deceive you, she may be blond, but she will bring the FUNK and send anyone who steps up to her in their place…the corner crying.  I mean c’mon, she goes “BLING!” every time she smiles.

BGirl Shorty

Where?  Born and raised in a mysterious place in America

Special Power:  Skillset.  Although the youngest in the group don’t underestimate this Beat Freak, her Parents were both Ballet dancers and Shorty is most inspired by Breakin’ so she does all that and everything in between…and she can’t even buy a beer yet.

Meet the BEAT FREAKS Trailer

Meet Lady Jules of the BEAT FREAKS

I grew up in… Boulder, Co – quite possibly one of the most beautiful places in the States:)

If I’m not dancing, I’m probably…Spending quality time with my kids ( my two cats, Boulder and Alaska), hiking, and eating frozen yogurt.  I also love going to church as well:)

The song that I will never get sick of listening to is…When Dove Cry by Prince and the Revolution  — I can’t tell you how many times I have listened to it, but it’s well over the million mark.

I love to eat….PIZZA and Chocolate chip cookies!!!! I make my own cookies and they are fabulous:)

I’m most thankful for…My family, my Mom and Dad, my sister, Jennifer, and my brother in law, Lee,  and my 2 nephews, Zack and Seth,  and niece Sarah!  Also I am so thankful for all my incredible friends- and of course my 2 cats Boulder and Alaska.

I can’t live without…having enormous amounts of fun doing pretty much anything.  Fun is my pursuit in life.  I also can’t live without sweets of all kinds, and buttered popcorn from arclight cinemas!

If I had to describe the BEAT FREAKS in 1 word, it would be… Outrageous

Meet Rino of the BEAT FREAKS

I grew up in…Okinawa (Naha), Japan

If I’m not dancing, I’m probably…I can’t even imagine

The song that I will never get sick of listening to is…Too many!!! Michael Jackson

I love to eat…Chocolate, Mocha, Steaks at Jackie’s in Okinawa

I’m most thankful for…How God is keep blessing me

I can’t live without…God, Family, Friends

If I had to describe the BEAT FREAKS in 1 word, it would be...Kamehamehaaaaa!!

Meet Shorty of the BEAT FREAKS

I grew up in…Salt Lake City, Utah!!! Born in Orlando, Florida

If I’m not dancing, I’m probably…watching dancing on youtubeee….or drawingg..

The song that I will never get sick of listening to is…Michael Jackson’s P.Y.T.

I love to eat...Skitttles

I’m most thankful for…Having such a great family and group of friends that I get to spend this wonderful experience with 🙂

I can’t live without…Dance

If I had to describe the BEAT FREAKS in 1 word, it would be…BUCC!!!

Meet Alison “Al*Star” Faulk of the BEAT FREAKS

I grew up in… South Florida

If I’m not dancing, I’m probably… hahah- dancing—-hahahahhaah!

The song that I will never get sick of listening to is…anything funky and soulful.
I love to eat….homemade chex mix- cookie dough!!!!!
I’m most thankful for…my family and friends- and all of the amazing blessings God has given me- i could never imagined life would be this amazing!
I can’t live without…moving!!!!!!
If I had to describe the BEAT FREAKS in 1 word, it would be…extraordinary!!!!!!!
Meet Keeley “LockN’ Key” Kaukimoce

I grew up in… Garland, Texas

If I’m not dancing, I’m probably… Either full ministry/mission work or hair and make up

The song that I will never get sick of listening to is...Any Michael Jackson songs

I love to eat….Chocolate

I’m most thankful for…Jesus Christ

I can’t live without…Jesus Christ

If I had to describe the BEAT FREAKS in 1 word, it would be...Powerful

Meet Maryss from Paris of the BEAT FREAKS

I grew up in… Paris, France and a little bit in Naxos, Greece.

If I’m not dancing, I’m probably… Listening to music and chillin with friends or having boba with rino and watching Japanese animation cartoon!!!!

The song that I will never get sick of listening to is… “lady in my life” and “rock with you” and… Ok… I guess any Michael Jackson song!

I love to eat…. Nutella sandwiches!!!!!

I’m most thankful for… All the blessings God has given me: from my family to my friends, my passion for dancing, MIchael Jackson, my health,… Etc….

I can’t live without… Music, love, my sole clips, and dancing!

If I had to describe the BEAT FREAKS in 1 word, it would be…MENTAL!!!!!!  Hahahaha

Meet LindseyB “OUTTHERE” of the BEAT FREAKS


I grew up in… San Antonio Texas but born on Mars

If I’m not dancing, I’m probably… Directing

The song that I will never get sick of listening to is… Otis Redding- Sutton by the Dock of the Bay

I love to eat…. Anything vegetarian

I’m most thankful for… my health, family and friends

I can’t live without… Dance

If I had to describe the BEAT FREAKS in 1 word, it would be… Inspiring

Meet Teresa Espinosa of the BEAT FREAKS

I grew up in…  Dallas, TX

If I’m not dancing, I’m probably… Dancing… or watching dancing on TV ;)

The song that I will never get sick of listening to is… Q-Tip “Vivrant Thing”

I love to eat…. FOOD!! Ummm!

I’m most thankful for… My Family, Great Friends, Supportive Boyfriend, My Carreer, and last but not least, the Beat Freaks!

I can’t live without… Dance in my life! Or Music, for that matter!

If I had to describe the BEAT FREAKS in 1 word, it would be… POWERFUL!


72 responses

18 01 2009
Maya Cummings

Thanks, Beat Freaks!

19 06 2009

Beat freaks rule. Shorty you inspire me. I love this crew. You girls won in my heart. You girls are all winners.

20 01 2009

Anyone know why there are only 7 on ABDC? It looks like Alison is not in it.

6 06 2009

Yah that is why b girl shorty took her place duh

22 01 2009

to lock n key an espinosa…yall have just became my fav out of the group because you two r frm dallas…this were i was born an raised!!!

22 01 2009

is there any doubt – you ladies won
season 3 champion: Beat Freaks

22 01 2009

Hah! I guess 2009 really is the year of change
the first bi-racial president of the united states and now the first all-female crew that will win America’s Best Dance Crew

keep it dope ladies

23 01 2009

Alison isn’t on the show because she is choreographing Pink’s Tour. =)

24 01 2009

Plus theres a limit of 7 ppl in a crew for the show

24 01 2009

omg…i love this group and b-girl shorty her hair is hawt i wish i could die my hair the same way but id look weird they are all so beautiful and rino is a great dancer i mean all of them are but on ABDC the first week she did incredible and lady jules she was beastin. b-girl shorty she was rippen it on the breaking<3 i love the BEAT FREAKS<3



25 01 2009

Hey, just want to let you ladies know that your dance has reached to the Island of Singapore thru ABDC Season 3. Just keep doing what you love to do.

28 01 2009

B-Girl Shorty–REPRESENT! Man, ya’ll awesomee!
<333 Keep kickin’ butt!
Luv yaa!

29 01 2009

Teresa used to dance for britney spears so it was cool seeing her crew dance to britney tonight. (Check out teresa with britney during the me against the music era)

30 01 2009

The best girls!! Girl power!!
Big kisses from France!!
Maryss from Paris miss youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu:: French fans loves you!!

1 02 2009
makayla AKA maykay

you all are AWSOME DANCERS!!!! i watched yall perform and i was like i can do this! i have started practicing i am not very good.but when i get down i watch yalls videos expacaly shortys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 02 2009
makayla AKA maykay

i live in victoria only two hours from san antonio! i am only 11 but i can do this!!! thanks too yall!!!!!!!!! PLEASE email me at

1 02 2009

Hi, just wanted to know if you guys are available for a show I will be having at the madison square garden. Not particularly sure when the date gonna be but would love to have you guys perform on it. Send me details of how you work, let me know what your options are. Love you guys.

8 02 2009

Rino I think we need to meet cause I have just fell in love wink I think

14 02 2009
makayla AKA maykay

Dear Keely let me know if ever in san antonio i would risk my life to meet you and the rest of the girls!!I would so drive down there

16 02 2009

Ya’ll ladies are absolutely killin’ it! Maryss, Shorty and Outthere…you ladies are my faves in the crew. I can honestly say that I had the same reaction as Shane Sparx while watching the magic challenge routine…it was dope! I’m a popper so I FREAKED when Maryss started popping…the ticking put me over the edge haha BEAT FREAKS = ABDC 3 CHAMPS…HANDS DOWN!!!!

18 02 2009

Hello girls of beat freaks i am alan. i want to know who can teach me or where i can practice. i live in huntington park . ca my e-mail is rocketazul@hotmail.Com please help me please o algun numero de telefono escriban a mi correo

22 02 2009
B-Girl Brina

I am from Toronto, Ontario, Canada so best be known that the Great White North loves the Beat Freaks too…keep up the amazing and inspirational dance work =D

Je t’aime les Beat Freaks!!

ps. will ms. teresa be putting out a bio as well?

22 02 2009
T da Bell Rocker

Ooooooooh BEAT FREAKS!!!!!!! You ladies got this!!!! You will take the championship on ABDC!!! God Bless You and your love ones!!! BE SAFE!!!!

26 02 2009

alison is on tour with pink thats why shes not on the show

26 02 2009

Teresa you are so unbelievably GORGEOUS!!! you guys are so dope and so clean and smooth at what you do. I just wanna know if Teresa will marry me!?!??!?! ok well lets just start with swapping #’s instead…?

27 02 2009

Dear Lady Jules:

You should convince the rest of the crew to come to Boulder and perform a show on campus, or Pearl, after, ya know, you win best dance crew and all. I’m sure you’ll be busy.

I can work with the student groups on campus to get a show going (they’ve brought in the likes of modest mouse, flobots, medeski martin and wood, and such)

I think CU would love to have you.

The whole crew:

You ladies are an inspiration and you’re awesome to watch. It’s great to see such powerful women dominating the competition. Good work!

27 02 2009

You guys are mad cool good luck in abdc3

1 03 2009


1 03 2009

Heyy Beat Freaks 🙂
I love what you ladies do, I have been voting like crazy for BF online 🙂
I really hope you win, when I am older I hope that I caninspire people like you guys.

2 03 2009

i ❤ the beat freaks. so inspiring to hear girls can beat boys at anything 😀 BEAT FREAKS ARE DEF. GONNA WIN! FREAK THE VOTE!

2 03 2009

i Love BEAT FREAKS! xoxo..
maryss is my idol the most.. all of them were great!
keep Freakin’ the BEAT!!!

4 03 2009

I am so caught up with school that I missed all of season 2 and just recently watched a rerun of season 3 THIS PAST SUNDAY. But as soon as I saw you girls I was inspired because yall uplift women every where to do what we want. I love to see women dominate in areas where people doubt us. Yall have inspired me to learn how to dance because I am so in love with the art. Keep yall heads up and yall dreams open!

P.S.: I have been voting like crazy since I watched you! 🙂

6 03 2009

I honestly have had the biggest crush on Shorty from the beginning of ABDC…I love you girls…I mean no one throws down like you…it’s unreal…much love from Alabama!!! 😀

6 03 2009

I LOVE YOU girls!!!! You ladies are what kept me coming back for more on the show ABDC… You ladies are inspiring and are winners in my heart… Man I so wish I could dance like all of you… =)

6 03 2009
Bobby Smallzz

respect from nyc! you girls are amazing! thank you for letting me watch you dance!!!!
p.s. – i have a crush on teresa…stay beautiful! ;o)

7 03 2009

i just wanted to let you guys know that you’ve succeeded in inspiring someone because you’ve just inspired me & when i think of how you’ve all inspired me i cry [just like i did just now lol].. i love to dance but i’m too scared to go for it & i get discouraged sometimes, but i think i might try and go for it now..
just wanted to say thanks for inspiring me & wish you guys the best of luck!!

7 03 2009


7 03 2009

Hey Guys!
I love you guys. You have inspired me so much over the last 7 weeks.
Shorty and Lindsey Okay i feel left out calling you that so Outthere are my two favorite dancers but everyone in the crew is awesome. I am trying to learn how to break dance but it is not going very well at all. Yea i’m not even a little good. But anyways….I cried when they said Quest Crew won. Then my sister 22 year old sister made fun of me (she’s sooo immature) for crying. You guys should have won in my opinion and many other people that i know feel the same way. Let me know if you guys actually read this because it will make me really excited if you did!!! Plus maybe Shorty can help me out with my HORRIBLE break dancing skills!! I wish you guys the best of luck in the future. GO BEAT FREAKS!!!

7 03 2009

Okay i just reread my comment i just left and it’s really confusing.
What i meant was…Shorty and Lindsey (I feel left our calling you Lindsey) so Shorty and Outthere are my two favorite dancers.

7 03 2009

to the beat freakss

you guys did such a great good dancing in abdc

teresa: everytime i see you dance you just inspire me to have more hunger to become a better dancer.thank you

rino: you are the most crazyyest and most humble person of the crew you just keep me glued on to the tv just seeing you ( and i try to mimic your moves too lol.)

maryss: you have the cool vibe when it comes to dancing it’s so fun watching you showing the boyss that girls can rock it better :]

keeley: honestly if you were my momma i’d take you every day to my dance classes that i take and show the boyss that mommas can lock it too lol.

lindsey b: you always take my breath away on how clean and sharp your loves are. i just love it ❤

lady jules: duuuddddee i freaking love you! your dancing is incredible you just make want to work harder to become better :]

shortyy: you are the youngest but once you dance you show that even though your petite you can make a big show to entertain any one and that you mean business :]

al*star: you are the most flyest chick i have seen and you reall do stand out in my eyes :]

all of you guys inspire me to go a reach my dream to persue dancing and i honestly do believe the message you send to girls all over who wants to follow their dream and i am one of those followers. thank you beat freaks. i’ll freak my dream til the end :]

7 03 2009
Edward Sandjaja Ikhwan

Beat Freaks,
My name is Edward.I am from Indonesia.I am a national junior pool(billiard) player.I want to share with you how you inspired me and made me a better person. The first time i watch beat freaks was at my billiard club. I was practicing as usual. I was amazed,i have never like dancing and this was the first time i like it.
I have been a pool player for 4 years now,i have many tittles but 2008 bwas a bad year for me. I didn’t shine and i was depressed. I was thinking,”Is it the end of my career?”Can’t i shine no more?Is it the end?Should i give up? I am the 2007 asian and world junior champion. But recently i have not been playing like one. I have no mentality and strength. I have a dream one day that i could buy my mom a house.

In short,When you girls performed each week,i followed it through. I can feel that you girls are trying to send out a message.What i captured was believe and pursue your dreams no matter what it takes. I felt you girls,it gave me new strength and recently i won 2 international tournaments and i bought my mom a house last week. I am happy, and i know its not the end.I know a dream would be true if we want it!Thanks Beat Freaks!

7 03 2009

I wanted to say thank you ladies, you are the only reason I watch ABDC this season. I was flipping thought the channels after work and came across you guys dancing. I was mesmerized at the way all of you moved. You shown me something new to enjoy and I thank you for that. I wish you all the best and god speed ladies.

8 03 2009

beat freaks =]
i love you guys how you represent the girls!
i love to dance but too scared too =[ –lady jules you have convinced me to start pursuing it
im only 15 and thought that itd be too late for me to actually start doing dance classes and everything =/
lindsey, i feel like i am exactly like youu, i was also a military brat moving around born in texas
and you make me feel better about myself
but you girls have really inspired me since i saw you on abdc!
i just want to tell you girls you inspire many people
it would mean alot to me if you reply back to me
thank you soo much Beat Freaks!!

9 03 2009
freaky girl

hey beat freaks! i love u guys..eventho u guys did not officially get d title of abdc, but still u guys are truly d best crew ever! u’ll have all our support from we out here in malaysia! i bet some of u never heard of my country, but who cares rite, just as long as the crew keep on dancing hard, u guys will definitely be a role model to look up by us, girls from all over the world! btw, i personally love lady jules! hey cant wait for your movie b-girl the movie to come out! when is it?

13 03 2009

Beatfreakz I think you are the coolest girl crew I have seen on america’s best dance crew. You all have inspired me to follow my dreams. You all have touched me when you said to do whatever it is that you are passionate about and to follow your dreams. This touched my heart and made me realize that I can make my dreams come true. My dream is to become a professional hip hop dancer. I will not stop until I have reached my dream. Thank You so much for inspirational messages you have given to your fans. You all represent all the girl dancers across the world. I just want to thank you all. I have enjoyed watching all of your performances on america’s best dance crew. I will never forget the Beatfreakz. Thank You. I hope you all read these comments.

16 03 2009


16 03 2009

beatfreakz, ya’ll rule. teresa, lock ‘n key, and out there, represent that texas. i’m keepin it real houston, since seein ya’ll in step up 2 and on abdc i been tryin to dance haha. doin my best though and thanks to shorty (she’s so beautiful) i’ve been wantin to get back in shape and start b-boyin. keep it up beatfreakz. stay strong and god bless

21 03 2009


22 03 2009

hey!! i noe ya lost nd for real i will never 4get dat day…. it was really nice outside in ny… nd my day started pretty good…till i received a txt saying lerey beat freaks lost… i remembered i started cursing mad loud nd i just wanna to kill sum1 lmao…. i was voting od for ya 2 win…. but for me ya won nd ya are america’s best dance crew no matter what!!!!…. i luv u guys nd i dont even know ya in person lol

nd btw i have a crush on maryss lol :[ ur soo cute ;] lol hehe iight let me stop my gayness lol =) beat freaks all the way!!!

23 03 2009

i can’t stop watching your routines. it makes me proud to be a woman just seeing your crew dance because you’ve proved that we can do it better than the guys can. 😉

23 03 2009

thanks for inspiring and living the dream I’ve had since I was 3 years old!! keep doin yo thang girls I love u!!

23 03 2009
Yochabel (Yoshi)

I don’t know what to say to you ladies besides you are all inspirational. Watching you guys on ABDC made me realize that I have to go out and follow my dreams. Quest Crew may have won but you guys won the hearts of MILLIONS of people. Keep on doing your thing. Maybe one day if I get up there in the world following my dreams I will be able to meet you guys and thank you so much for making me realize that no dream is to small and no obstacle is to big. Thanks for showing the world that women can be just as great!

Arigato gozaimasu (woot woot to Rino)

25 03 2009

you girls are great what other things have you done with dancing and other stuff about you like age and where you live and other cool thing about you girls are you girl going dance for any thing live and it fun watching you girl on tv in canada where i and hope you dance live some time it would be awsome for people to see and learn from you that are good dance that can do alot of different types of dances

25 03 2009

All of you ladies are so inspiring. Tonight is actually the first time I’ve ever heard of Beat Freaks and I’m glad I did. Y’all are AMAZING. I will pray that you will be able to perform with MJ one day soon because you deserve it. Your cause is so powerful.


27 03 2009
Mark Kevin

im trying to do the headspins! and my break dance teacher now is lady jules in youtube! she prettier in long hair! i cant do the back spin!

30 03 2009

Hi i am a biggest fan. Please please visit Hawaii B-girl shorty.I really want to see you in person.Maybe you can bring your whole crew so i can get all of you autographs.Please come and visit me.please email me at

30 03 2009

Hi i am a biggest fan. Please please visit Hawaii B-girl shorty.I really want to see you in person.Maybe you can bring your whole crew so i can get all of you autographs.Please come and visit me.

31 03 2009
b-girl shuga

I love u all..lady jules is like my idol &&& bgirl shorty

10 04 2009

BEAT FREAKS! i love you! girl power!
and Singaporeans are CRAZY about you!
hopefully u’ll will get to come here :]
rock on the dance floor and 4eva no 1s in my heart ;]

21 04 2009
lil chosen

amo a las bgirls son lo mejor que puede existir 🙂 espero que sigan teniendo muchos exitos peace & respect 😛

22 04 2009

OMG!!!!! u guys r da best!!!!! I can’t really pick a favorite but i love B-Girl Shorty!!!! I wish i could do wat u guys do!! You may not have taken the official title of America’s Best Dance Crew,,, buh u still r America’s best dance crew 2 me!! I would luv 2 meet u guys!!! Come visit Pennsylvania some time!!! Please??? My 13th birthday is in 3 days nd da ultimate b-day present would be 2 meet all of u!!! Much Love Holli!!! P.S. if u hav time,, please e-mail me at

22 04 2009

Oh nd 4 all u dat were in Step Up 2: The Streets…. I can’t get enough of dat movie!!!! My friends say i’m totally obssesed!!! lol!!!!

25 04 2009

I viewed the dance show you ladies performed with the magic ball and I can honestly say that I was so impressed I watched it 4 times back to back. Usaully when you have a prop like that it takes away the audiences eye, but you lovely ladies were so with your dance routine that I had to watch it again just to see what the ball was doing because u ladies were fantastic. I would love to see more accomplishments and stick with it. I would greatly appreciate if yall could respond back, but I kno what it likes to put a 100% in what you do and its time consuming.
The best of Wishes

25 04 2009

Beat freaks when i am Ur age i will make a all girl crew at at lease I hope we can make the top two like u guys. If we win i am going to tell the whole America that you guys inspired me to dance. Well the other people in my crew probably got their inspired from Quest crew. How ever i got inspired form Beat Freaks. B-girl Shorty I really love you. To bad i am younger then you. If i was older i would ask you out. Teressa I would ask you out too. Lindsey i know it isn’t easy being fly for a white girl. Maryss nice house dancing.
BEAT FREAKS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

29 04 2009

BEAT FREAKS!!!!!!!! u go gals,i’ve alwyz lvd dancin n 2 seein u galz jst made me wnt 2b a beta dancer thn i am.i dont do hip hop much but after i saw you im lyk practisin every day n hopeful i’l b lyk u some day.u have rily inspired galz alova da world n i jst pray dat GOD wil continue blessin u

1 05 2009

my name is Sed from Morocco
i think well i know for sure you girls are the most inspiring dance crew i ever seen in my life
thank yo so much for being what you are
for keeping the dance – freestyle – rocking flame a life
for being such a great model for this generation and the coming generations

yo girls are fabolous and yo get BUCC everytime you re on stage and that s not easy at all

you ROCK for real I love watching yo dance and expressing yourselfs and giving all what yo have from your hearts not lot of peope do it anymore but yo girls do it everytime and i really respect that

I love yo all Especially Teresa she s a dancing Angel for real
i dream to dance someday with yo all on one stage or go to one of your shows and watch yo dance live 🙂 that s one of my biggest dreams

Bigg Kiss from me to yo Beat freaks
Keep dancing from your hearts and being a great inspiration to all of us

thank yo for being what yo are
with all my love and respect
Saad from Morocco 🙂

3 05 2009

Hello my name is German (im not from Germany, im from puerto rico) anyway. i was wondering if you girls would go on americas best dance crew again so you can win the championship. and become the first ever all female group to win. i thought you girls should have won season 3. you have the coolest dance moves ive ever seen. i want you to freak my dream by winning the championship on and earning the title of americas best dance crew.

thank you BEAT FREAKS!!!!

4 05 2009

yeah beat freaks..

you are really one of the best crews i have ever seen. You didn’t win ABDC, but you are really the winners of our hearts. You are all giving so much to every performance and i love the energy you are puttin on stage. I could watch your videos 1 million times and i cant get enough of it. I cant wait to see more of you..its really sad that ABDC is over now 😦
And Teresa: i have never seen a dancer who is that good at dancing and making choreography at the same time. You are really inspiring me.

Freak the dream!!!

9 05 2009

Wow, God has bless such an amazing set of beautiful women to step up onto the platform to express such a positive, optimistic meaning =]

I just finished watching MTV’s ABDC online, and I’d have to say that even though each one of you all are so uniquely gifted, as a whole you all are truly, truly awe-inspiring! The teamwork, precision, and heart-felt performances were touched by so many of us who weren’t there to watch in person.

May you continue to represent what you’re passionate about ❤

26 05 2009

hello beat freaks,my name is margareta.k.a. chinaeyes i ‘ve watched you all on abdc,and was truly amazed! all of you have unique styles and such a presence that brought a tear to my eye with each performance.beat freaks you all have made me even more excited to be a woman.i wish you many more blessings,and wish for the day you come to chicago,much love!

26 05 2009
the billion dollar princess

i love you guys . you guys are so inspiriting to just go dance no matter what other poeple say . and just follow your dreams . I LOVE YOU LINDSEy your my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!1

3 07 2009

…I love BEat FreAKs! You are all an inspiration to all!!!
keep on DaNcing! n KEEp on ‘freak’ing the BeaT!!!

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