Check Shorty out with My Ninja!

30 04 2009

Beat Freaks and My Ninja

Check Shorty out in the teaser for My Ninja! As always, Shorty killed it and is helping to promote the new My Ninja line!

Be sure to check out My Ninja here!

All credits for the video go to myninjaclothingmedia on YouTube.


The Official FREAK THE VOTE t-shirt

20 02 2009

Recently we’ve been receiving requests on where to buy the FREAK THE VOTE tees…well here you go: (click on BUY TEE NOW)

Check out who we found FREAKin THE VOTE!

Michael Clarke Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan aka “John Coffey” from The Green Mile, soon to premiere as “Balrog” in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li which hits theaters today!

Shout out to SHOETURE

2 02 2009

FREAK THE VOTE! has teamed up with Designer Grant Hooks and his SHOETURE accessories (that the BEAT FREAKS lace their sneaks to) to offer some killer kicks accessories that everyone seems to want a piece of when you see them in person.  Mr. Shoeture himself was recently FREAKIN’ THE VOTE! out in China and no, this is not Photoshoped.  Check out the contest FREAK OF THE WEEK at



The Gloves

16 01 2009

A close up of the custom gloves the BEAT FREAKS wore in Episode 1’s performance.  Designed and handmade by Miss Glaza (



Passing the torch “glove”…we like to think MJ gives his approval to the BEAT FREAKS


Michael says: “FREAK THE VOTE!”