14 03 2009

On Thursday, we got a call from Myspace Music to come to a release party performance for The Dream with Special Guests Fabolous & Kanye West.  The highlight of the night though was running into The Female Hip Hop Mogul herself Queen Latifah and finding out she is a fan of the BEAT FREAKS and loves their message to FREAK THE DREAM!  All hail the Queen!!! (Yo, check her hat!)


Queen Latifah & BEAT FREAKS

Queen Latifah & BEAT FREAKS




4 responses

15 03 2009

That’s crazy! I didn’t know Queen Latifah was a fan of the BeatFreaks. You girls keep doing what you do best.

Freak the Beat!

16 03 2009

Queen Latifah reppin’ the Beat Freaks, good stuff. You all have definitely given women and young girls motivation to go out and pursue whatever passion they have. THANK YOU!

~4ever Freakin’ the Beat~

16 03 2009

That is so awesome! How did I know you guys were gonna become more and more famous?!?! How was the KanYe performance? Hehe! Love you girls!

16 03 2009

haha that’s awesome.. love queen latifah!

and btw I sent an email to pleasee check it 🙂

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