Our 1st Party!

13 03 2009

Thanks to Mike Boogie & the Dolce Group for hosting a night at Les Deux and helping us thrown an insane party.  Check some of the footage:





9 responses

13 03 2009

Haha Crazy Beat freaks Dance Really Good here. Glad They Doing Good =D ❤

13 03 2009
alex diaz

13 03 2009
alex diaz

please beat freaks atleast once one day to come to new york please dont egnore me because i know how it feels your a higher class then me and you just let some other people slip. the beat freaks should atleast performe with jabbawockeez once to my opinion acually not an opinion its a afct that ya prooved that ya really didnt care about winnig ya cared about sending a big message and that messege was to freak your dream beat freaks with my heart and love please contact me in (718)(649)(0195) or just never mind if ya are trustful dorable and sending coments to people such as freak your dream just egnore me i think im a lower class for ya but i really love ya all in you tube i recorded my self dancing im waiting for your comment its called alex918918 and click my page and press the new video

14 03 2009

^^ Big Fan Gave the Number out. =D They should come to NY i would go =D

14 03 2009
Pacific Rim Photo Press

The Ladies of Beat Freaks are such wonderful girls and so down to earth. They love every single fan. They are not ignoring you, they’re just busy with a lot of upcoming projects and events they probably are working on.

14 03 2009

Come to NYC Beat Freaks! hahaha. =)

16 03 2009

come to Texas too!
that would be the happiest day of my life!
second happiest is when those prives get here!
if they ever get here T_T

17 03 2009

Come to Louisville, Kentucky!!!!!

Please nothing never happens in Louisville, Ky..except U of L basketball and the Kentucky Derby lmao

1 04 2009

Love Beatfreatz
from Thailand T_T

i watch every single performance of BFF
over and over so many timesssssssss

lovelove love

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