Billiards Player from Indonesia FREAKS THE DREAM

8 03 2009

Beat Freaks,
My name is Edward.I am from Indonesia.I am a national junior pool(billiard) player.I want to share with you how you inspired me and made me a better person. The first time i watch beat freaks was at my billiard club. I was practicing as usual. I was amazed,i have never like dancing and this was the first time i like it.
I have been a pool player for 4 years now,i have many tittles but 2008 bwas a bad year for me. I didn’t shine and i was depressed. I was thinking,”Is it the end of my career?”Can’t i shine no more?Is it the end?Should i give up? I am the 2007 asian and world junior champion. But recently i have not been playing like one. I have no mentality and strength. I have a dream one day that i could buy my mom a house.

In short,When you girls performed each week,i followed it through. I can feel that you girls are trying to send out a message.What i captured was believe and pursue your dreams no matter what it takes. I felt you girls,it gave me new strength and recently i won 2 international tournaments and i bought my mom a house last week. I am happy, and i know its not the end.I know a dream would be true if we want it!Thanks Beat Freaks!

Edward Ikhwan





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