6 03 2009


In order to FREAK THE DREAM, we must all come to the realization that there are no coincidences in life, rather it is destiny…this is the way it was always meant to be.  Our deepest respect, love, and appreciation for Quest.  They are outstanding at what they do and we send them off with the best of blessings.  They deserve this.  Our thanks to Mtv and this show which has given us the opportunity of a lifetime that will change our life path forever.  Without this show, we would not be where we are today.  AND MOST OF ALL our sincere gratitude to OUR FANS for being the MOST AMAZING & PHENOMENALLY LOYAL & INTERACTIVE & FUN people on the planet!  Your faith in us is felt, your belief in change is held tight in our grasps, your openness to be inspired inspires us!   All in all, our greatest hope from this Chapter in life is that our fans can embrace our perspective that every moment of life is a gift, and no matter how it may dim or dark it may seem on the outside, if we are pursuing our dreams with perseverance, these gifts will always lead us to places beyond our imagination.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  We are not done yet…


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6 03 2009

you not done yet?! yayyyyy
i knew u guys wouldnt let us down
so wat do u guys have planned next?

6 03 2009

I love you guys. you changed the way i looked at dancing. I really truly believe you are America Best Dance Crew. I just dont think the millions of high school girls that voted in favor of quest thought the same. It must be the hair. Anyways you guys changed my perspective on alot of things. I will continue to youtube your videos and routines. I have to say all of your performances gave me the chills. You girls Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!

Much Love From OC

6 03 2009

Is me, the HK guy again.
Feeling so bad that it wasn’t you,
but no matter what, i really enjoy so much to watch your performance,
i support you guy all the time,
please update this webpage offen,
so that i won’t miss any news from you guy.

6 03 2009

Beatfreaks should come back on Season 4. =D

6 03 2009

you’re still my best dance crew.. quest just got away with the orquestra performance, but throughout the season you were the best.. keep on inspiring people! i’m one of them.. =P

6 03 2009

Your right Debbie they should.
and they will win, as long as no one has hair like Quest.
but for the record, i loved shorty’s and teresa’s hair =]

and Beat Freaks, you guys should like put your dances on iTunes.
i would defintly put them on my ipod
and so would tons of ppl

6 03 2009

I seriously love you guys. Watching ya’ll perform every single week has made me and so many other people around the world truly inspired. Seeing you super heroes do your thing with so much heart makes us want to go out there and freak our dreams and do everything we do with a passion. Your fans are always gonna be rooting for you guys no matter what you guys do. From the bottom of my heart and all the fans, I just want to say thank you beat freaks for sharing your love, determination, and message with all of us! Can’t wait to see what happens next! :]

6 03 2009

Yeah me too im going to put their dances on my iPod woot go beatfreaks! =\

6 03 2009
Pacific Rim Photo Press

Hey Beat Freaks,

It was a great run. We feel privileged to have been with you since the beginning of the show. This is not the end of the road for you. So many things are destined to come and we will follow you ladies as you move forward from ABDC.

Always and forever Freakers for Life!!!

Peter Gonzaga and crew of Pacific Rim Video/Photo Press

6 03 2009

even though you girls didn’t win abdc, i still think you are the best crew =]
you have inspired me to freak my dream…which is to be as talented and inspirational as you. you have changed so many people’s lives, including mine.
thank you so much!!
i can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming up next =]

6 03 2009

Teresa was right when she said last night that you’ve already won. True, Quest Crew won the competition, but the whole competition was beautiful, exciting, and inspiring, in very large part thanks to what Beat Freaks brought to the table.
This year’s ABDC was truly a competition that came down to the VERY best of the best. In my opinion, it was entertainment, TV, dance, American youth and American girls, at their FINEST. Words can’t describe it. I’m so glad I got to see this. I can’t help but feel excited just thinking about it. As James Brown would say: “Whoaaaaaaaaa! I FEEEEEEEEL GOOD!”

6 03 2009

Beat Freaks:

I remember going through a break-up, feeling sad and lonely (because he was with another girl), and that week was the Britney Challenge. “Womanizer” brought me back to my feet, I watched it everytime I felt sad and somehow I got the push to smile again.

Thank you for everything, it does not matter if you won the show, you definitely won my heart. I’ll follow you girls, now and always. Come to Puerto Rico, so I can meet you! That’ll be amazing.


6 03 2009

Heyy Beat Freaks ! 🙂
You ladies are amazing ! It sucks that you didn’t win, it is unbelieveable how much you have effected all of your fans; you ladies are role modles, inspirations, and much more. You have sent a message to more than just young girls, you have sent a message to everyone, like there are no words to describe how amazing it was to watch the Beat Freaks preform every week ! I hope to see the BF soon 🙂 Congrats ladies, you made everyone proud; keep doing what you’re doing!
Peace Out Girl Scouts \\// x]

6 03 2009

I can’t believe how much it affected me that yall didn’t win ! I hope to see more of yall !! BF are the winners ! I’m so happy Shorty is part of the BF now ! Yall are amaaaazing !!

6 03 2009


I feel like I have failed you guys by making people see that women do belong in the hip hop world. But I wanted to say that y’all are winners in my eyes no matter what happen. I think that seeing the Beat Freaks making it this far have shown us and America that women are strong and can do anything. And to tell you the truth, I don’t think ABDC will EVER get another girl group like the BEAT FREAKS and if they do I will be surprise. I hope that this isn’t the last of this group and that we be seeing more of you. I love you girls and keep going strong like you do. Keep Freakin your DREAM!

Love, Litisha

6 03 2009

Beat Freaks wit’ it ,

You guys are one the of most inspiring groups I have ever witnessed on television. A message was delivered to thousands of young women out there that possibilities are endless! You gave inspiration and hope to so many women out there and I am happy to say that I am one of those as well. I don’t think ABDC will ever see a group like the Beat Freaks either. Beat Freaks are hardcore women who could bust just about anyone’s chops off. For real. Keep doing what you guys do and don’t stop! I absolutely love what you do and I really hope I could meet you guys someday. Keep it strong.


6 03 2009

Beat Freaks you guys are AMAZING! I FREAKIN LOVE YOU BEAT FREAKS! I still can’t believe you guys didn’t win, but in me and my sister’s hearts you guys did. You guys have inspired me to Freak my Dream, and I am going to fulfill it, but the best thing you guys did was inspire my little sisters. My 6yr. old sister was watching and she said “I wanna be a Beat Freaks when I grow up!” It made me so HAPPY to hear her say that because I know she’s gonna follow your guys’ foot steps! And that is so awesome! Thank you! We all LOVE you ladies!

7 03 2009

i tuly love you guys! u r the best i kept on voting until my hand broke off lol! you guys r winners no matter what. U have inspired me to dance and im almost there (barely lol) but im still working. Beatfreaks you guys r inspirational,funny, talented, amazing, ect. U guys r everything to me i will never stop Freaking the dream. You mean so so so much to me. You guys r amazing and the greatest dancers in the world u have touched the hearts of millions of ppl including mine. My dream is to become a dancer and to be as inspirational and talented and get my own beatfeaks and i will never say i cant and thts all bcuz of you guys i love you all! YOU WILL ALWAYS BE WINNERS IN MY HEART!! never stp wat u guys r doin

7 03 2009


7 03 2009

hey Debbie, if u find out how to get there dances on your iPod, will u let me know plz. cause i dont know how if it isnt on iTunes. which it isnt…yet =]

7 03 2009

I haven’t tried it yet because i recently got back to NY ill check it out and see if i can find them.

8 03 2009
LaDy Mary

Damn how i love you beat freaks !

in my heart u are the best !

u’re little fan from Romania Europe haha

30 03 2009

You guys have inspired me so much over the time you were on the show and still do today. I’m really sad/mad you didn’t win but you have won in my eyes. My neice SEEMS to love you guys to! I mean she is only like 3 1/2 months old but when I watch you guys’ performances she stops screaming bloody murder and watches. But anyways I hope to see you in the future and I really want to meet you!!!!

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