An End to Chapter 1

5 03 2009

Tonight brings closure to the 1st Chapter of our Story with the BEAT FREAKS.  I believe the most appropriate thing to communicate to the Supporters out there is: “THANK YOU”.  The cliche of “we would not be here if it were not for you” rings true, especially since the format of this show is dependent on votes by viewers.  We hope to do you proud this evening and please always remember to follow your dreams with a passion.

Beat Freaks

photos by Stanlee Mirador , arranged by Devotees




12 responses

5 03 2009

i still think you guys shouldve won.
everyone thinks that.
just make sure you keep all of your fans updated ok?
dont forget us

5 03 2009

what happened! I thought they had it in the bag 😦
All in all though, you girls had an AMAZING season and changed the show dramatically! I’m still upset you girls lost, but I guess everything happens for a reason. FREAK THE DREAM.

5 03 2009
Keyser Soze

we love you guys, and will always praise you for the iconic dancers and people you are.

5 03 2009

Gurls….you should have won….not because you are women but because you were the better group!!!!! I’m so pissed……i gagged when they did not call you guys out……

5 03 2009
K-Raz Kris

Honestly. I have never been a part of a fan base so supportive as I have this crew of girls right here. They are truly an inspiration and are the real winners in my eyes.

I just wish Quest could have had these same amazing fans. But I’m also glad the Beat Freaks don’t let the haters get to them.

As I’ve said the past few weeks especially the last few days of voting. Win or lose we love these girls. They are in our hearts and we’re in theirs. One mind. One Body. One soul. One!Heart.

5 03 2009

man u girls were rock stars
unfortunately u guys had it stolen
u should have be abdc
but i will still represent u guys because i will buy a freak the vote shirt
or your logo shirt
good job
love you guys

6 03 2009

BEAT FREAKS will always be the WINNER in our hearts. ❤ We love you Beat Freaks! You have inspired people all over the world… all BFFs are proud of you…
Keep Freakin the Dream! =)

6 03 2009

I just want to let you girls know, that you have inspired me to keep writing, and to not let anyone or anything stand in my way. No matter how bad the critisicm, the haters, I will Freak my Dream!!!

You are the winners in our hearts. Always remember that. Teresa, what you said when they called out Quest Crew was true,
“We Won.” When I heard that, I finally truly understood what “winning isn’t everything” really means.
It’s not about the money, or the endorsements. It’s about the people you touch, and inspire, and give hope to. That is why you dance.
Thank you. End of Capter 1…I’m looking forward to the rest of the book. 🙂

6 03 2009

Blah i was mad too.

6 03 2009

I was really like.. veeeeeeeery upset. For real, BF should’ve won. Y’all deserve(d) it! And you are AMAAAAAZING human beings.
From the bottom of my heart I wanna say; THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! Thank you for reppin’ females, you guys inspire me to Freak the Dream! Thank you!

– Your number 1 fan in Holland!

7 03 2009
Charlie Brown

WUT!!! You guyz didn’t win??? Basura!

You beautiful ladies are the best crew out of all the seasonz of ABDC… 4Real

p.s. Randy Jackson iz a MAJOR Corn Ball… U kno it.

Freak It,

Charlie Brown

24 03 2009

hi beat freaks! i watched y’all all season and really admired your skills and how you never used your “sexuality” in a negative and provocative way. i totally applaud that! one day if i’m out in cali (or catch the tour) i hope to meet y’all and see you perform live! i can’t dance half as well as y’all can but you’re all definitely very inspiring! THANKS!

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