Keep it Up BFF!

3 03 2009

There is a great new fansite for all Beat Freaks Fans (BFF) that has recently been formed and is probably the #1 most interactive site for FANS, sometimes certain members of the BEAT FREAKS will drop by and join the general “CHAT” and Fans can interact with them after rehearsals. The site was created because there was all this unwarranted online negativity forming against the BEAT FREAKS from zealot fans from another unnamed crew.  The Administrators screen all the fans before they can become members, so they make sure it’s all positivity, unity, and warmth in there.  If you are a BFF and want to interact with other BFFs and the BEAT FREAKS, this is the place:

Keep FREAKing THE VOTE y’all.  Just 2 more days till the LIVE FINALE…




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