More Than A Competition

2 03 2009

This is about more than a dance competition…(click to link to LA Times interview)

Maryss From Paris




3 responses

3 03 2009

Well said Marrys

3 03 2009

Hey there BF,
I just wanted to say thank you for being EXCELLENT role models. Showing girls YOUNG and OLD, the can look cool and dance to great beats and still have FAITH. Thank you I wish I had an amazing group like you to follow & yearn to be like when I was 13.
Thanks for sharing your love of GOD and FAMILY. I’m a 29 year old “COOL” mom of 4 and sometimes I feel so alone and too unique & original. To Rad for church because of my appearance & too hip for the PTA meetings.

I’ve gone through your site and watched each video and and by the time I reached Lady Jules I was so inspired, so touched. You strong & empowering women cracked my heart open and made my eyes leak.

Thank you for the good Karma. You really are amazing. I can’t wait to see how you bring dance to the forefront of entertainment again.

You are a Strong, Powerful, Inspiring group of Amazing Women.
Many Well Wishes.

14 03 2009

keep up the good work and um we all love ya! I mean you are so good i say it like shane! You are the american best dance crew. PEace and like i said, we all love ya!

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