Interesting But True…

1 03 2009

Recently I was having a conversation with friends about the BEAT FREAKS.  We were talking about our favorite TOP 3 routines of the Season by the BEAT FREAKS.  What I found interesting is that none of us had the exact same TOP 3 in the exact order.  My personal Top 3 go like this:

3. Battle of the Sexes Challenge (Hot & Cold)

2. Britney Spears Challenge (Womanizer)

1. Magic Challenge (Freeze)

What was most interesting was that we realized that these routines CHANGED the way we listened to these songs.  I mean, I hear that Katy Perry and that Britney song A LOT on the radio and everytime I hear those songs, I don’t think about the Katy or Britney or their Music Videos, I think about how the BEAT FREAKS performed to it and how they totally changed my interpretation of how I felt and how I visualize the song in my head.  The BEAT FREAKS made me like songs I didn’t like or even know before the show (i.e. Webbie – INDEPENDENT & Pretty Fly for A White Guy).  That is POWERFUL and I can’t say I felt that way with any of the other groups in regards to any other song except for Dyanmic Edition’s rendition of ACHY BREAKY.  The BEAT FREAKS made this Season MEMORABLE in so many different ways, beyond the dance.  I think it must do with their PASSION, their WHY, their TALENT, their SPIRIT, their ATTITUDE, etc…I JUST FELT THEM and I REMEMBER THEM.  Each Performance was so different from the last and they left an UNDENIABLE IMPRESSION.  That is why I feel so strongly that they are ABDC.

You Can View all the routines on

And by the way, if you are an Avril Lavigne fan, she is a fan of the BEAT FREAKS too…


Avril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne




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2 03 2009

I completely agree. I actually noticed this a while ago when I downloaded Din Daa Daa and Freeze from watching their first performances. I realized that I like Womanizer now when I previously didn’t..haha whenever I listen to Hot n’ Cold, I dont think about Katy Perry in a wedding dress, but Beat Freaks as robots and Shorty doing headspins. alsooo. whenever the tick-tick-tick-tick plays during Freeze I just wanna tick like Maryss! I love youu, Beat Freakssss! 🙂 Keep doing what you do because it blows our minds!

2 03 2009

Beat Freaks are PERFECTION! All their performances were just awsome! I’ve got to say that they’ve def change they meaning of dancing for me ! Freak the Dream was also a prettttty good performance! 😉

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