Afghanistan FREAKS THE VOTE!!!

25 02 2009

YES, You read correct…AFGHANISTAN has been officially FREAKED!!!  WHAT!?! Isn’t this where the War on Terror is???  This story is a MUST READ, go ahead and refresh your spirit with our edition of BEAT FREAK Soup for the Soul.

Recently, we recieved this submission for our FREAK OF THE WEEK! contest…please take the time to read Sgt. Cabato’s entry, it will move you:

Beat Freaks!

My name is Robert Cabato and I just want you to know how much I respect you all.  I’m stationed in Afghanistan right now on a 9 month tour to help rebuild the country.  It’s not like back at home here (from Cali, but stationed in Chatan-Cho, Okinawa – Rino, your island loves you!) but every week I do my best to catch you ABDC and there’s no way I can truly express how fast you all make this deployment go for me.  Each week ‘flies’ by with every performance.  As a father, I hope that my daughter will have the strength, determination, and finesse you women have showed the world.

As a token of my appreciation, here’s a pic from Afghanistan.  And Yes, the Vote has been Freaked, every week from across the globe.

Very Respectfully,



Qalat, Zabul Province, Afghanistan

This submission was undeniable, he changed the game on us…we wrote him back and told him we wanted to feature him to all FANS and send him some prizes as well,  His response:

Wow…thanks so much!  Of course yall can post my photo!  Any prize will be going to my daughter, as she is my ultimate inspiration and I’m fortunate enough to go on R&R for 15 days next month to Cali.  

As for me…I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in 29 Palms, California as a Marine Corps brat.  29 Palms is a pretty small town, so the choices of hobbies were limited.  So while growing up, I was introduced to B-Boy/Hip Hop dance….After a year of college, I decided to join the Air Force in 2001..I got married and had a kid in 2004, so that took any ‘hobby’ time away.  From 2006-2007 I was stationed in Korea and was able to see some BBoy competitions in Seoul and it re-inspired me back into dance.  But…later on in 2007, my daughter’s mom left her with my parents and ran away with another guy.  I had just arrived at Kadena AB, Okinawa Japan, so I had to fly back to Cali and pick up my daughter and take her back to Oki.  I didn’t have the time to practice or do anything outside of being both a Mom and Dad to my princess.  During that year of being a single parent, I would always take my daughter to ‘American Village’ near JUSCO in Chatan and watch the street performers there.  Hip Hop dancing and BBoying/BGirling never stops amazing me and I would see how much my daughter’s eyes lit up when we watched.  I soon met my fiance, Miyu (who’s Okinawan), but was sent on my current deployment.  I had to fly back to Cali and ask my father to watch my daughter for a year.  At the beginning of this deployment, I never heard of ABDC.  Being stationed on Okinawa limits what channels we get, so I was shocked and excited.  My boy, EJ, introduced me to the first season and Jabba.  From that point, I was hooked back into dance again!  I caught up on season 2 and as soon as season 3 started I was immediately hyped on the Beat Freaks.  I respect them so much, because they don’t need to show skin for respect or props.  They destroy the dance floor and earn respect through skill, passion, and showmanship.  The Beat Freaks are a true role model for girls because of that and as a dad, I hope that my daughter will one day show that same mindset.  I am an avid fan on many levels:  I have always been interested in and respected the art of dance and I see the potential in positive encouragement from it.

So as a fan and a daddy, the Beat Freaks accomplish those.  I’m not sure when exactly season 3 ends next month, but I am gonna try to make it to a ABDC show or at least a tour show while I’m on leave with Miyu to rep from Oki.  So tell the girls to keep it up and rock the crowd!

If anything, can the girls send an autograph personalized to my daughter?  That would mean the world to me.


Robert Cabato

To top it off, here is a video where he shares his inspiration for his life, his beautiful daughter Annabelle.

Sgt. Cabato, we hear you loud and clear.  I’m sure I speak for all the BEAT FREAKS and the Fans in saying: “Thank you so much for all you do for our country, your sacrifice, and your reciprocated inspiration.  We honor you!” 

Robert has his own personal shout out he wanted us to communicate: “Miyu, itsumo aishiteru…chikai masu!”




4 responses

26 02 2009

much respect to Sgt. Cabato,
I’m glad he’s found such great inspiration with his daughter as well their recognition of the Beat Freaks. We all definitely appreciate the sacrifice him and the rest of our soldiers have given for this country! Its great he also found a fiancee in Okinawa, very heart warming story.

26 02 2009
Deborah Rizzo

hey Beat Freaks, just got theough watching this week’s show and have already voted for ya’ll over 200 times and that’s not counting the ones i forgot to count!! I hope ya’ll win, ya’ll have inspired me soo much it’s an indescribible feeling that i get as i watch ya’ll doing something you all love soo much and your passion shows through every preformance. So Teresa, you can at least know you’ve inspired someone else. Thanks to the Beat Freaks, i’m going to try and learn how to hip hop dance maybe a bit of freestyle, something i’v always wanted to do but have never had the confidence to do, and after seeing ya’lls interviews, especially Lady Jules, ” I don’t care if it’s the Irish jig, or african. There’s a dance in every culture for every person.” those two sentences sent shivers down my spine.
so here’s to taking ABDC!! keep inspiring!!

27 02 2009
That's Just Me

A comment on ROBERT B. CABATO, SSgt, USAF. I also live in 29 Palms what a small world congrats on freakin the vote. Have to represent the Beat freaks and my home town.

8 03 2009
From There & Back « BEAT FREAKS CREW

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