FREAK THE VOTE! View&Vote! Parties

24 02 2009

Get Ready Crew: MTV wants you to vote for your ABDC for 7 days beginning Thursday night.

Last week, we set up a couple VIEW&VOTE! PARTIES around town to help give the BF FANS out there an idea of how to mobilize and create energy around voting for our ABDC, the BEAT FREAKS…Because this is our final week of voting, (not just 1 night, 1 week of voting) we want the FANS to feel empowered to organize VIEW&VOTE! PARTIES for this THURSDAY (even with a few friends and family) to create that initial burst of energy and initialize instant FREAK THE VOTE! power…We have some FANS already notifying us of VIEW&VOTE!PARTIES in Chicago & New York, let us know if you want help with ideas or planning your own:

A house in Ventura, CA

An apartment in Hollywood, CA




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24 02 2009
Keyser Soze


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