5Dtv Exclusive Behind the Scenes Week 6

21 02 2009

Our friends at 5 & A Dime and their 5Dtv Crew came out to the ABDC taping this past week and rocked the illest interviews up on the WWW:

(I don’t know how to embed these Vimeo Clips to this blog, so just click the link or the picture below and that will send you directly to 5Dtv…)

It’s got some great interviews and really funny parts with the Shane, Lil Mama, Quest, and of course our BEAT FREAKS!!!

Watch Video






5 responses

21 02 2009

to embed the video, copy the code from the video in to the post (there’s an ’embed’ link that shows up if you hover over the video):

21 02 2009

I tired to post the code in my comment, but it was left out.

21 02 2009

We’ve been trying to figure this out for the past hour…going through tutorials and everything…we are not web savy, so this will have to do for now…we will work to resolve this in the future…youtube clips are easy, it’s these vimeo ones that give us a bit of trouble.

21 02 2009

Great Video! aha I really enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing it 😉

23 02 2009

killed it once again ladies. Great job!!!!
Lock N Key is gangsta!!!!!!!!

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