Family Within A Family

18 02 2009

It is said: “Distance makes the heart grow fonder”.

On January 6th, a Family was split apart.  

Father Osea and their daugther Kalia were separated with their Mother Keeley as a new adventure awaited.  After consulting God, Family, and Self, a commitment was made.  Based on Divine conviction: Keeley had to transform from full-time Mother of the Kaukimoce Family to full-time LockN’ Key of the BEAT FREAKS family.  For an undetermined amount of days, which turned into weeks, which potentially could turn into months, the Kaukimoce family would be allowed only rare short lived visits where the family was One again.  A sacrifice of the now for the hope of a better future.  The following images and clips capture a bit behind the hearts of these destined lovers and the pride of their lives.

The Kaukimoce Family (Kalia, Osea, Keeley)



The Kaucimoce Family proves…”A family that prays together, stays together”.




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