“FREAK OF THE WEEK” Winner 2: Sal

16 02 2009

Here is our Week 2 Winner of the FREAK OF THE WEEK CONTEST.  Thanks Sal for your submission and support for BEAT FREAKS.  All fans, continue to submit your Picture or Video to be next week’s Winner!  Spread the word and FREAK THE VOTE!


Message to BEAT FREAKS:

“Here u go. i hope u  like them.

and i freakin love u guys! i hope u win!

i vote for u guys 200x each week!”






13 responses

16 02 2009

Congrats! Nice shirt aha

16 02 2009

thx =]

17 02 2009
Daniel "StepRoc" Jerome

Yeah Congrats!! and good idea with “Beat Freaks” on the V =]

by the way beatfreakscrew.com..thank you for the prize!! It just arrived today and everything is sweet! Especially the autographed picture! =]

17 02 2009

hey StepRoc, did u get that aoutographed shirt?

17 02 2009

hey sal.
well u kno which Caitlin it is rite?
the awesum one 4m ur skool.
well i juss wanted 2 tell u congrats & i lubb u.
& i wanna c the prizes wen u git them.

P.S. hay un fiesta en mis pantalones y usted es invitado

18 02 2009

haha thx caitlin

and hey Beat Freaks.
did you guys get the info i sent?

18 02 2009
Daniel "StepRoc" Jerome

Hey Sal,

No I didn’t get the autographed shirt..but I got the autographed shirt. I think that idea was brought up after I had won lol.

Everything is all good though..and when Beat Freaks win it’ll be even better!

19 02 2009

yah i know the beat freaks will win.
its just soooo obvious =]
yet im still terrified of the slightest chance of them even getting in the bottom 2.
so guess how many times i voted.
there is a new record.
and i promise, i counted.
i voted 2000x =]

19 02 2009

wait i ment over 200x

20 02 2009

no wait!
omg. i can not type.
i did vote over 2000x.
two thousand
i got it right this time =]

20 02 2009
Daniel "StepRoc" Jerome

lol dang that is a lot though!

Your votes plus mine will keep them out the bottom so..dont be terrified lol.

Yeah they did so good last night…made me cry and everything lol

Im so proud of them =]

20 02 2009

yah me too!
im so proud of them!
even though i dont know them lol.
but that will change some day =]

but what are we going to do after ABDC?
how will we know wats up?

26 02 2009

Thank you Beat Freaks for proving that you don’t have to show skin to win! Both “Sal” (Freak of the Week) and I enjoy watching your performances, providing a great mother and daughter time together. May the Lord continue to bless you.

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