Tribute to Hichem (Maryss’ Brother)

14 02 2009


In the precursor package to this week’s Magic Challenge Routine, Maryss From Paris dedicated this past performance to her younger brother Hichem who passed away in 2006.  In honor of Hichem, we are releasing a limited edition colorway of the FREAK THE VOTE! tee with the same teal color that was the theme color worn by the BEAT FREAKS in this week’s Magic Challenge Routine.  We asked Maryss if she would share some words about her brother for our tribute:

So his name was Hichem , but we all called him “Chichou” (sounds like sheeshoo) he was born augusts 24th 1988. He was the sweetest boy and teenager ever, always tried to please his family and friends, he was a hard worker and was the goofiest always try to make people laugh! His dream was to go to NY so I promised him for his 18th bday (in France is the equivalent of sweet 16 combined with turning 21) that I would take him there. Unfortunately on friday february 10th of 2006 he went out with few friends… On their way back to Ste Maxime (south of france) for some reason the 2 cars started speeding despite the road pannels signalizing to slow down ( the drivers are still denying… But you should see the skid marks on the road that are still noticeable and make u undersatnd exaclty what happened) anyways my lil brother was in the front passenger seat and when the right side of the car hit the corner of a wall… Chichou died on impact (so they say). The drivers are perfectly fine (glad they are) we just wished they were not still lying about what happened. They got their licence taken away for 10years… But are still driving cars regardless. All I have to say is PLEASE be responsable! things do not always happen to the others! Don’t speed, don’t drink and drive or drive under the influence of anything … Loosing someone u love is hard… But to see a mother loose a Child is even more painful.. NOTHING is worst than loosing ur child and no one can really understand that pain… We can only imagine and pray for the soothing of mothers’ souls. Chichou’s burrial was “Beautiful”, everyone was in white, his casket was white and every flowers too!  they were never EVER that many people in a burrial in the whole county. Even people we didn’t know he knew showed up!!!  the 2 homeless guys of the town were at the cimetery too!  We found out later  he was giving change and food to them everytime on his way back from work. Even though I was much older than him I still learnt a lot from him and I know that now he is an angel watching my steps … From his teal blue sky

-Maryss From Paris

Throwing up the BEAT FREAKS signature sign


Let the Magic begin…(click on pic to see actual performance)


Tribute Tees from 5 & A Dime 



Rest In Peace Hichem




12 responses

14 02 2009

BEAT FREAKS!!you guy are very cool!!!!
i am your Fans from Hong Kong,
my english is super bad,
i just want to leave a message to show my support,
You guy are doing great,Keep going !!and the winner must be you.

and also,
this is so sorry to heard what about Hichem,
time may go by, but people who we love will always live in our heart.

14 02 2009

Thank you Dawson from HK!!! We are SO grateful to have a platform to express our passion and to share it with the WORLD. You are a valued fan and we really appreciate your words. “Xie Xie”!!

14 02 2009

Yo. That’s beautiful. It makes your performance have a lot more meaning to it. I could see the passion that you put into it and it literally gave me chills. Prayers to Maryss and her fam. And to the Beat Freaks, keep killing it.

Keep it fresh, keep it real, and most importantly keep it right!

Robotops DTF

14 02 2009

You guys are AMAZING, no im not just saying that YOU REALLY ARE!! Every performance is just as good as your last ,seriously you guys are the best. Keep it up!!

15 02 2009
Keyser Soze

Hey again Beat Freaks and fans!
Just wanted to express my condolences to Maryss as well as everyone who has lost someone. I’m glad you were able to share this with everyone and show, your concern and care for loss.
I too have lost many people dear people over the years… its amazing to feel and see the influence these wonderful people have actually had over us and people around them. Even after their passing, we draw strength from their memory and continue to honor them by doing whats right, and doing what helps others as well as doing what we do best.
Love every single one of the Beat Freaks. Yall are a true inspiration for me. I know you will win this, i have no doubt whatsoever!
Someday I hope to meet yall nd get an autograph, til then… stay fly nd fresh.

– Tino

15 02 2009

Sometimes terrible things happen to people who don’t deserve them.. This was one of those times. I hope this has made whoever knew Hichem stronger and I know whatever the Beat Freaks do on ABDC will make him proud. With that said, I think we know Beat Freaks can bring the #1 prize home for everyone- including Hichem. RIP.

15 02 2009

RIP Hichem

Maryss you make him proud! And continue to be great!

Your one of my dancing idols along with the rest of the Beat Freaks (including Al*Star)

17 02 2009

omg i love you guys i love beatfreaks crw i love the way ya dance and everything i jst wish that i can be in ya crew but im too young for thatt well just want to tell you keep up the goodwork on dancing just love ya crew ya guys rock.
alexandra aka miszmichuy baybii

20 02 2009

Yooooo. That performance gave me the chills. I have watched it numerous times. You girls are amazing. Ive never looked at dancing like that. you guys changed my mind about dancing. I know you ladies are gonna go all the way. Much love from orange county!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23 02 2009

My deepest condolences for the loss you and your family endured.
Your tribute to him and the performance you and your crew gave was one of the most amazing things I have ever seen.
A truly wonderful performance that honored him in such a beautiful way.
He still sees every step and he will be with you always.
I love you ladies. Pure class.

24 02 2009

Hey Beat Feaks!!
I Just wanted to express my condolences to Maryss as well as everyone who has lost someone. I’m glad you were able to share this with everyone and show, your concern and care for loss. I know what it is like to lose a brother to an untimely death. i congadulate Maryss on her strength to get through that time and to be able to dedicate this preformance to your brother. He was watching over you in heaven, smiling as he watched ya’ll dance. Way to go Beat Freaks keep it up, let’s take season 3,yes?

27 02 2009

Aw Hope everything goes well for you guys.
And Maryss that is true watching a mother lose their child is sad i would hate if that happened to me i cant imagine my life without a family member. =}D
And Maryss make yo lil brother proud you guys did great out there

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