The KABA PAK Effect

13 02 2009

Let’s be real Crew…We are UNDERDOGS in this competition.  We are not the front runners right now, as much as you may think we are…we are not.  Judge Shane Sparks even said it last night to Quest: “Y’all better watch out cause BEAT FREAKS is on your butt.”  But what if, regardless of your love for the BEAT FREAKS they were currently 4th in voting…

Consider this “What if?”: QUEST has all those votes from the SYTYCD (So You Think You Can Dance) Fans and not to mention some of the Boxcuttahz are QUEST members, so I wonder who their fans are voting for.  STRIKERS ALL-STARS have all the votes from Fraternities & Sororities & Step Crews & The East Coast on a possible regional lock.  FLY KICKS have the share of the East Coast vote and all their Cheer Fans around the country voting for them.   So who do we have voting for the BEAT FREAKS?  

Answer: YOU

I would like to introduce you to The KABA PAK Effect.  The KABA PAK Effect happens when America thinks a crew is “good” and doesn’t take responsibility upon themselves to vote.  With all due respect to JBWKZ & Super Cr3w who fought for and won the TOP SPOTS in their respective seasons, the crews that finished 2nd in those seasons: Status Quo & So Real Cru, and to crews that also got hit by The KABA Effect but I’m not referencing (like Supreme Soul & ASIID)…The KABA PAK Effect happened in Season 1 of ABDC when KABA Modern, who were a vast crowd favorite came in a disappointing 3rd place finish.  The KABA PAK Effect happened in Season 2 of ABDC when Fanny Pack, another crowd favorite came in a disappointing 3rd place finish as well.  Both KABA Modern and Fanny Pak were not disappointing performance wise by any means, they were consistently their amazing themselves, what was disappointing was AMERICA’S VOTING…you and I….WE WERE DISSAPOINTING.  I hope we can all agree, they should have lasted longer.  Thus we are left with The KABA PAK Effect, a result of laziness, overconfidence, not taking the responsibility to vote, etc…pick your poison.  We, America, viewers of ABDC, didn’t take it upon ourselves to vote for the BEST crews and thus we were left with KABA Modern and Fanny Pak withdrawal when viewing each respective season’s Finale.  

It is now Season 3, and as Fans of the BEAT FREAKS, we MUST do ALL THAT WE CAN for our favorite crew not to succumb to The KABA PAK Effect.  Let us work in unison for the next 2 weeks to get our ABDC=BEAT FREAKS to the finale and let the Top 2 deservedly duke it out in a Battle Royale.  As we fight for the TOP SPOT of Season 3, we implore you BEAT FREAKS Crew (Yes, You who are reading this) to vote, vote, and vote some more.  It is normal to vote multiple times (I’ve heard stories of fans voting as many as 500+ times in a voting session).   Tell your mom and dad to vote, tell your brothers and sisters and cousins, friends, and strangers, tell the world.  You are commissioned by the BEAT FREAKS, spread the word: “FREAK THE VOTE!”

KABA Modern (Click on image to see THRILLER performance)



Fanny Pak (click on image to see GET UR FREAK ON performance)


+ Premature Departure from the Show

= The KABA PAK Effect




12 responses

13 02 2009

I agree we y’all. I was very disappointed myself when i found out that Kaba and Fanny got 3rd place. That’s why I always get my friends, even some who don’t watch the show to vote for Beat Freaks. I love Jabba and Super and even Quest but I really think it’s time to have a all girl crew to win this season. Women deserve to be in the hip hop world just like any men and just because men are the ones who created the hip hop culture doesn’t mean that women can’t do the same. Like James Brown said, “This is a man’s world but it’s nothing without a woman.”

13 02 2009
Keyser Soze

hiya Beat Freaks and Beat Freaks fans!

I totally agree with the blog author, Fanny Pak and KABA were also my favorites. Very unfortunate about the whole votes issue, but sadly enough alot of people dont appreciate the true artistic and skilled forms of dance. Its good that i whole heartedly support and promote all 3 crews!
I have voted and will vote every week, and tell everyone i know to vote. Someday when i’m not so busy, it is my goal to meet these crews which inspire my artistic talent and motivate my aspirations in life. Big-ups to Jabba, Kaba, Fanny Pak and BEAT FREAKS!!! yall are a true inspiration to people in general, not just dancers.

also Boxcuttuhz and TM!! big fan. Lando and Jeff are uncanny.

13 02 2009
Daniel "StepRoc" Jerome

The reason that I vote for Beat Freaks would be because they are true to where they came from. The hip hop culture that they are in could be seen in all there performances. They aren’t trying hard to be a different crew or show a style the crowd might like, they just do what they have been doing. I just love that they show and are proud of their culture…I mean you could even see it in the clothes they wear for the show. I like Quest Crew because they are bboys too and know everything about it and whatever, but I just do see them like I see Beat Freaks. Sure they put good performances too, like what the people want..This is just my opinion of why I Freak The Vote..all of Beat Freaks’ dancers are skilled both as a group and individually. I really want them to win, just them being in the season makes this one my favorite. So anyone that knows what I am talking about….Freak The Vote…vote Beat Freaks and don’t ever think other’s will vote for you. Just because they did a good performance doesn’t mean you know they are going to be voted for by others and if that happens, most likely others could be thinking the same…So no matter what, Freak The Vote until they are in there rightful place as America’s Best Dance Crew for Season 3…peace


13 02 2009

Beat Freaks FTW! We can do this!! I like the Beat Freaks because I think they are different.. They represent something more than JUST dancing. The other crews- we’ve seen them before. The Beat Freaks are also not to mention AMAZING dancers and extremely accomplished in all aspects of dance, which is why I’m a huge fan and keeps me voting every week. Their performance last night even got me on my feet.. They are just so inspiring to me.


13 02 2009

I honestly feel a bit offended. I’m locked down by Strikers All-Stars? No Way!

Beat Freaks love from the East right here! Now that DE is gone, you guys have gotta go all the way and stick it to Quest! (Although, to be honest, landing in third wouldn’t be so bad if you can’t get first. That’s where all the real second placers land)

14 02 2009

That’s outrageous to hear Beat Freaks were 4th in fourth in vote. I’m totally going to freak the vote and get my friends to as well.

15 02 2009


16 02 2009

Believe it or not, BFs is not the underdog…… BFs are actually the favorites.

Let me bring up one major point that was left out in the KABA PAK theory.

Ratings. When it’s all said and done, networks and producers only care about one thing. Ratings. There should be a sign during auditions that state “skills are a plus but not required.” I know for a fact that during SYTYCD auditions they will inform every dancer that “the best dancer doesn’t always win”.

As for season one, it was obvious that Jabba was going to win. Now here lies the problem, If jabba and kaba where in the season finale, they create no controversy. So to stir things up they boot kaba. Now in hind sight, MTV made the correct move because jabba is now mainstream. Through the work of their manager and PR, they did the impossible.

Fast forward. Shane said from the get go that this season would be a female group. What does this tell you? At the least, it should let everyone know that the producers are well aware of the male winners in the past seasons. If the producers want to keep their audience they know that a female group is due. This is where Beat Freaks come in.

IMO NO OTHER “CREW” will penetrate the main stream like JABBA did. We’re talking about pepsi, gatorade, commercials, nba playoffs, allstar apperances, madison square garden, and the list goes on. Jabba created a culture and that’s their selling point. All these other crews are just crews. What ever happen to supercrew? kaba? fannypak?

Goodluck to you BeatFreaks. You ladies are very skilled and professional. You are the only crew on the show that has professional experience. You don’t need america’s vote………you need the producers…


19 02 2009

I am actually appolled at the person who put this blog up. Beat Freaks are you guys in this competition to win or to broadcast what you ladies can do? I mean, I don’t agree with this blog at all. I love beat Freaks which is why I came to this site, but I do not agree with this blog. Are you saying that Jabawockeez and Super Cr3w did not deserve to win? Are you saying Status Quo (who i do feel should have not made it to the finale lol) and Fanny Pak should have won? I mean this was just wrong and I hope you ladies don’t put any more blogs up like this. You ladies have proven that you can dance very well whether or not you win this competition. I will support you guys all the way.

20 02 2009

We appreciate your concern. Thanks for expressing to us your opinion on this blog. I would like to address your concerns to clarify some issues that you seem confused about. First off, this site is run by Fans 4 Fans, so a fan, just like you submitted this story. Second, the BEAT FREAKS are in this competition for many more reasons I can list in a single blog post. That being said, collectively as a group, to answer your questions: they are in this competition definitely with the intention of winning (why enter if you didn’t think you could win) and more importantly, to inspire a new generation of viewers with the message that that if one follows their passion with perseverance, practically anything is possible. Third, in our Post labeled “The KABA Pak Effect”, we are addressing the fact that no matter how dope a crew is, if fans don’t vote, the crew won’t move forward in this competition. The heart behind this blog is quite simply for Fans to take responsibility and VOTE for their favorite crew, no matter how dope they are because MANY fans have a mindset that “Oh since they performed well, I know other fans will be voting, and I know they will be there next week” and they don’t vote. Then when the Crew is in fact voted in the bottom 2 the next week and us as Fans are asking “What the heck happened?”…we may be too late and our favorite Crew is voted off and we can no longer do anything about it. I hope you can understand that reality because in my personal opinion, I felt like KABA Modern & Fanny Pak were 2 crews that should have stayed in the show longer. Not saying that they should have won, but only that they should have, in my opinion, stayed longer. I think Jabbawockeez & Super Cr3w deserve to win 100%. I’m in agreement with you (with all due respect to Status Quo), that the finals of Season 1 should have been KABA Modern vs. Jabbawockeez. But that wasn’t the case. So, that is what The KABA PAK Effect is. Sometimes, the BEST teams don’t advance because Fans don’t vote. We hope you understand where we are coming from. We respect all the teams on the show. The KABA PAK Effect was written to appeal to our Fans to vote cause really that is for the time being the best way to show your support…by keeping the BEAT FREAKS competing for ABDC until they hopefully win. Again, thank you for your comment and your continued support, we hope you see that this is just a simple misinterpretation of what we intended to communicate.

23 02 2009

hey i toattly know u guys will win!
i vote for hours straight. i will die if u guys dont win haha
me and my friend made a shout out to the beat freaks!
check it out

23 02 2009

Wow. I love Beat Freaks but this blog kind of made it seem like no one is really voting for them which I highly doubt. And to say who’s voting for Beat Freaks is kind of nutty. Being that Beat Freaks is so closely associated with Jabbawockeez and Super Cr3w I said from day one they’ll win based off that fact alone.

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