Meet Maryss From Paris of the BEAT FREAKS

11 02 2009

Maryss talks about what inspired her to dance and having the Beat Freaks be a part of her family.


I grew up in… Paris, France and a little bit in Naxos, Greece.

If I’m not dancing, I’m probably… Listening to music and chillin with friends or having boba with rino and watching Japanese animation cartoon!!!!

The song that I will never get sick of listening to is… “lady in my life” and “rock with you” and… Ok… I guess any Michael Jackson song!

I love to eat…. Nutella sandwiches!!!!!

I’m most thankful for… All the blessings God has given me: from my family to my friends, my passion for dancing, MIchael Jackson, my health,… Etc….

I can’t live without… Music, love, my sole clips, and dancing!

If I had to describe the BEAT FREAKS in 1 word, it would be… MENTAL!!!!!!  Hahahaha




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12 02 2009
Daniel "StepRoc" Jerome


tonight…im voting hundreds and hundreds of times for Beat Freaks!


13 02 2009

Hey Maryss and Beat Freaks Ladies!

First off, this last magic-themed performance was UNBELIEVABLE. The music, the magic silver ball, the choreo… everything was JUST FREAKIN’ RIGHT! If America doesn’t do right by voting for you ladies, something is definitely wrong.

But anyway, Maryss — that dedication to your brother (my condolences) touched a lot of people, including me… I lost my mother to cancer years ago and I miss her every damn day.

My daughter and I have been rooting for BF since day 1 and I’m super-confident you and the rest of the girls will take the ABDC title this season!!

Toasted nutella sandwiches are BOMB!


13 02 2009

that set was ridiculously awesome. i am seriously inspired after that jaw dropping performance. You ladies are all beautiful and doing it right. keep up the good work.

ps. maryss i love you

– ollie

13 02 2009
Van "B" Bunny

Amazing watching this mini-interview of Maryss from Paris, She´s such a grat dancer.

I wanna share this with all of you other Beat Freaks, Geminiz and Marie´s fans; I strongly recomend you to watch a french movie called “Le Defi” or in english “The challenge” from director Blanca Li, good movie abour break dance, bit funny and really good moves, and best of all we get to see Maryss from Paris in some parts of the movie doing what she does best her dancing!!!!

P.S. By the way really good taste Nutella Rocks!!!

17 02 2009

petit commentaire en français pour changer un peu !
vous déchirez tout c’est énorme, vous etes suivis de partout dans le monde
continuer comme ça a vous éclater vous nous régalé. 🙂
p.s : en tout cas c’est sympa la petite pensée pour hichem !

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