“FREAK OF THE WEEK” 1st Winner: Step Roc

7 02 2009

Here is our Week 1 Winner of the FREAK OF THE WEEK CONTEST.  Thanks Step Roc for your submission and support for BEAT FREAKS.  All fans, continue to submit your Picture or Video to be next week’s Winner!  Spread the word and FREAK THE VOTE!

My name is Daniel Jerome, but the bboys/bgirls know me by StepRoc. 

I am 17 years old and I live in Spanaway, Washington.

I started dancing in 7th grade after joining my junior high’s drill team. A friend of mine, who was also on the drill team, was more of a bboy than I was at the time and he brought me to local breakdance events. After going to a few of those, I did more research on the dance and it brought me into the hip hop culture.
There are so many people that inspire me when it comes to breakdancing. Past ABDC season champs “Super Crew” have inspired me before they were even on the show. A couple BEAT FREAKS that inspire me are Lady Jules and Rino. I have seen footage of Lady Jules breaking before ABDC; like at Mighty 4, which is a big breakdancing event in California. I am currently taking on other dancing and Rino is one of those dancers who has inspired me to do so.

In the future, I wish to actually be on America’s Best Dance Crew like Beat Freaks; but if that doesn’t work I am going to become a nurse. haha.

One last thing I’d like to share is that I was “America’s Best Online Dancer for a Week” on last seasons ABDC. I feel just as happy as I was, being BEAT FREAKS’ “Freak Of The Week”. Thank You and I’ll always be FREAKing THE VOTE.





2 responses

7 02 2009

PERFECT winner! go deeeeej! lol

13 02 2009


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