Meet Keeley “LockN’ Key” Kaukimoce of the BEAT FREAKS

5 02 2009

Keeley “LockN’ Key” Kaukimoce talking about true success in dance…it’s deep

I grew up in… Garland, Texas
If I’m not dancing, I’m probably… Either full ministry/mission work or hair and make up
The song that I will never get sick of listening to is...Any Michael Jackson songs
I love to eat….Chocolate
I’m most thankful for…Jesus Christ
I can’t live without…Jesus Christ
If I had to describe the BEAT FREAKS in 1 word, it would be...Powerful




4 responses

12 02 2009
sam the locker

amen~ lock for Christ!*

13 02 2009

Deep, very deep RESPECT for BeatFreaks and in this case for LockN Key. Full time Ministry/Mission Work as an option if you would not be a professional fulltime dancer is so encouraging for followers of Jesus Christ. A lot of them don’t have the dance talents or skills given by Our Creator. But they can use other talents for that work. Mission Work for example in 3rd. world countries is not a world of glimmer and glamour, but of hard work, sometime moments of rejection and despair, but on the other hand so grateful because you can mean something in other ones lives. And if a member of the illustrious BeatFreaks have this as an option, then I just can rejoice and thank the Lord for people like Keeley. And Keeley, if you ever read this comment, I hope that one day, you will use your dancing skills and minister to people and encourage them that they are precious and worthy in the Eyes of The Lord. That you may be the example to encourage kids to go on despite their situation and circumstances, and that they may see Jesus in you. I can only say these things now, Father God, bless the BeatFreaks and world, Freak the Vote. Many blessings and joy, from The Netherlands

14 02 2009

Absolutely LOVE the beat freaks! Keeley…I’m PROUD to say you are tearin it up and keepin it real for us GARLAND peeps! Ya’ll are some bad b!+@hes!

5 03 2009

Keely, I was watching your groups performance!!! Off the chart girl… Along way from the CMI days…

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