Meet Shorty of the BEAT FREAKS

29 01 2009

Shorty, the newest & youngest member of the BEAT FREAKS, talks candidly about how she got “into” dance and when the BEAT FREAKS called her to join the crew.

I grew up in…Salt Lake City, Utah!!! Born in Orlando, Florida

If I’m not dancing, I’m probably…watching dancing on youtubeee….or drawingg..

The song that I will never get sick of listening to is…Michael Jackson’s P.Y.T.

I love to eat…Skitttles

I’m most thankful for…Having such a great family and group of friends that I get to spend this wonderful experience with 🙂

I can’t live without…Dance

If I had to describe the BEAT FREAKS in 1 word, it would be…BUCC!!!




2 responses

27 02 2009

P.Y.T is a cool song I never get tired of listening to some Michael Jackson when i wanna get funkay! =)

10 08 2009

Hey I just wanna put out there I love the beat freaks fo sho there awsome an inspried me so mush in life luv u !

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